Page 16:        Tumours of external ear 

Page 23:        Middle ear atelactasis

Page 29:        Uses of endoscopy in cholesteatoma

                     Differential diagnosis of aural polyp

Page 30:        Routes of spread of complications

Page 33:        Chronic and masked mastoiditis

Page 40:        Otitic hydrocephalus

Page 42:        Ossicular disruption

Page 60:        difference between cochlear and retrochchlear lesion

Page 62:        Perilymph fistula

Page 64:        Inflammatory labyrinthitis


Page 92:        Halo sign in traumatic CSF rhinorrhoea

Page 94:        Erysipelas

Page 97:        H1N1 Flu

Page 102-104:         Granuloma of the nose

Page 107:      Systemic diseases that affect the nasal septum

Page 114:      Routes of spread of complications of sinusitis

Page 118:      Differential diagnosis of nasal polyps

Page 119:      Extensive sinonasal polyps

Page 121:      Nasal polyps with systemic diseases

Page 125:      Haemangioma of the nose

Page 128:      Prognosis of malignant tumours

Page 140:      Temporal arteritis

Page 141:      Proptosis

Page 142:      Resonance disorders  ص 144& 174  كتابنا فى موجودة               

Page 146:      Nasal endoscopyمختلفة فى الجديد لكن عندنا مكتوبة أحسن

زود عليها فى الTherapeutic: Removal of pituitary tumour by ESS (hypophysectomy)


Page 151:      Vocal folds

Page 152:      Extrensic muscles

Page 174:      2- Bilateral adductor paralysis

                        C) External surgery for laryngeal stenosis

Page 175:      VI. Tracheal causes of stridor

Page 176:      Hoarseness of voice

Page 177:      Hoarseness of voice in children

                        Indications for tracheostomy

Page 179:      Complications of tracheostomy

Page 183:      3. Phonasthenia

#          Infiltration of sympathetic chain causes Horner’s syndrome in nasoph. Ca

Page 200:      Site of incisions in quinsy  ده كلام قديم و إتلغى                 

Page 213:      3- Drug induced sleep examination

Page 215:      Physiology of swallowing

Page 216:      Congenital oesophageal atresia

                        Complications of FB in the oesophagus

                        Aeitiology of corrosive oesophagitis (MCQs)

Page 217:      Complications of corrosive oesophagitis

Page 220:      Managemnet of GERD

Page 226:      Carotid body tumor, Cervical rib, Sternomastoid tumor

Page 228:      3- Ranula

                        Emergencies in ENT

N.B. Page 227: Goiter is a lateral neck swelling (when the lobes are affected), and midline neck swelling (when the isthmus is affected).