important topics

The entire curriculum is taught, but we pay more attention to these topics


Anatomy of TM (Draw)

Anatomy of medial wall of ME

Anatomy of the organ of Corti (Draw)

T F tests (Rinne, Weber)

Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Otomycosis +


Malignant otitis externa +

Indications and complications of ear wash ++++

Acute otitis media in children ++++

Secretory otitis media (Middle ear effusion) ++++

Cholesteatoma (+ الجدول)

Complications (كلها مهمة) especially mastoiditis

Traumatic rupture (+الجدول)

Otosclerosis  ++

Meniere’s disease

Cranial causes of facial paralysis ++

Clinical picture of LMN facial paralysis +++

Bell’s palsy, traumatic paralysis ++++

Causes of CHL

Causes of vertigo (especially: peripheral)

Types of ear discharge ++

Causes of otalgia +++

Indications and complications of myringotomy


Anatomy of nasal septum

Anatomy of lateral wall of the nose

Anatomy of maxillary sinus

Choanal atresia ++

Trauma (كلها مهمة) esp. Oroantral fistula+, CSF rhinorrhea ++, Fracture nose +++, FB +.

Atrophic rhinitis ++

Rhinoscleroma +++

Invasive fungal sinusitis

Septal hematoma, abscess, perforation

Clinical picture of sinusitis, investigations, treatment ++

Orbital complications +++

Nasal polyps +++

Inverted papilloma

Causes of nasal obstruction, discharge +++

Epistaxis (كلها مهمة) ++++

Indications and complications of ESS ++


Anatomy of Waldyer’s ring

Anatomy of tonsil

Adenoid +++

Acute tonsillitis +++

Causes of membranes over the tonsils (كلمتين عن كل حاجة بالجدول) ++

Infectious mononucleosis ++

Plummer-Vinson syndrome ++

Causes of ulcers ++

Suppurations (كلها مهمة) esp. Quinsy ++++

Angiofibroma +++

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma +

Silent areas ++

Causes of snoring and OSA, clinical picture, investigations

Indications and complications of adenotonsillectomy +++

Preparation for adenotonsillectomy ++

Corrosive esophagitis +++


Causes of dysphagia ++

Laryngomalacia +

FB inhalation ++

Acute laryngitis +++

Laryngeal nodes and polyp +


Papilloma and Cancer larynx (كلها مهمة) +++

Causes of VC paralysis (unil, bil.) +

Causes of stridor ++++

Clinical picture of upper airway obstruction ++

Indications and complications of tracheostomy ++++

Direct laryngoscopy (Microlaryngoscopy = Microlaryngosurgery = laser in larynx)

DD of midline neck swellings (+ thyroglossal cyst) +

DD of lateral neck swellings

لما يسأل فى ال causes of stridor تكتب له معاها ال Children لكن لو سأل فى ال children  يبأه هى بس

محدش يشير الكلام ده. ربنا معاكم